Today’s farewell art comes to us from The Code Crimson! In case you aren’t familiar with their comic, it’s an ongoing sci-fi story filled with plenty of intrigue and action. And if you enjoy your sci-fi action with a side of espionage, then this is a comic for you. They have been great supporters of our work over the last few years, and it’s an honor to present this work to you!

A ravenous horde of obscure gentlezombies are on the attack! Look out!

It was super fun working on this. Glad I was able to participate in your last hurrah. I am so grateful for all the support and kindness and just pure awesome you have bestowed upon Lisa and me. We appreciate everything, and we’ll miss your comic so much! I’m especially gonna miss your hilarious podcasts, or are you keeping those going? Because you should! Hope you’ll be sticking around the interwebs, and if you ever want to work on something together, I’d love to get involved.

Best wishes,

Thanks again, Elizabeth!

Travis “The Pinch Hitter” Kennedy