Brad Joyce is a man that you can find all over the web comic community. He’s a pure gentleman that helps support everyone from the bottom and up. His work on some of his former endeavors were always a favorite of mine and I’ve now become a regular listener to his Southern Fried Inkslingers podcast along with brilliant writer Walter Shuler. I like how his farewell piece shows how if one day I happened t0 be polite and nice the consequences would be catastrophic.

Gentleman James

Didn’t have a whole lot of time so I modified one of the past strips.
This is my farewell to one comic that really stayed true to the creators. The boys of OG have never pulled punches and always told it like it is. For that, I give you the real reason why the strip is coming to a end. I always figured there was a balance to the world and if James was polite (upsetting that balance) then he would just spontaneously explode and take the west coast with him.  Farewell boys! *tips hat* We’ll see in another life!