Ladies and Gentlemen,

For around 3 years the Obscure Gentlemen has been a project very close to our hearts. It started out with 3 brothers dicking around on the internet and telling 3-6 panel tales about the things they liked and disliked. Eventually we were joined by 3 of our best friends and it became an amazing way for us to share our creative side with all you fans out there. Why am I writing this? You’ve heard this already you say? Well this is my way of telling those of you out there that with great sadness we will no longer be continuing the Obscure Gentlemen. The founding members (the brothers Alvarez) have decided to stop at 300 and move on to pursue other projects. We aren’t stopping because we hate doing this, we actually love doing this. But as many other web comicers say “life just gets in the way”. Is this the complete end? FUCK NO! We will be working on a comic book for the future as well as continuing the podcast. Will we be back in web comic form? Possibly but just not any time soon. I love each and every one of you bastards and bastettes out there. Again I thank you all for the support and time you’ve given us. If we could we would sex you all.


Gentlemen James