One does not read web comics without knowing of Stale Bacon by Kevin Coulston. Kevin’s comics are absurd joy that decimates pop culture with quick wit. His characters are simple humanoids that bare witness to many vulgar tragedies that other web comics may not tackle. Stale Bacon is over 300 comics strong and will continue to be on the forefront of comics in my opinion. I have read many a Stale Bacon comic and gotten pissed off at myself for not thinking of what he writes myself. Stale Bacon is easily on my top 10 list.


The OG: What made you want to enter the octagon with the thousands and thousands of web comics?

SB: When I started StaleBacon, I didn’t consider anything that already existed. I was talking with my friend Dustin and we just decided to make a web comic about the stupid stuff we thought was funny. Since Dustin’s departure from the comic back in 2010, I’ve turned the comic into more of a Pop Culture Parody.

The OG: Your comic has great observational humor on the pop and nerd world. Where do you get inspiration to come up with this shite!?

SB: I literally just browse the news till I find something I think is funny and topical. Sometimes the world is just so messed up that the comics write themselves, and other days there’s almost nothing to talk about.

The OG: I believe the design of your characters is simple. Was this on purpose so that when they explode or melt it’s much more adorable?

SB: I designed the characters a year before the comic even existed. I wanted to make a cartoon with Flash, and I wasn’t very good at it. When Dustin and I started the comic, I still had the character templates. I’ve refined them over time, but simplicity is what makes the comic work in my opinion.

The OG: Your humor is pretty brutal yet delightful. What do your family and co-workers think of Stale Bacon?

SB: Most of my friends/family/co-workers like the comic, and they’re always willing to give me ideas… which never fit the format of the comic and I always ignore.

The OG: Will Stale Bacon forge on through time or are you wanting to retire from your fame one day in the Bahamas?

SB: My personal goal is to take it to 1000 comics. When Dustin left the comic, I considered starting over with something else, but I had put so much work into it, I just couldn’t let it go. I just recently passed 300, and I won’t necessarily stop at 1000, but I definitely want to take it that far. I would like to do a StaleBacon based animation project at some point as well.

The OG: Who would win in a fight Wolverine or Skin Graft Man?

SB: Skin Graft Man is the lamest super hero in that ever existed. That being said, SGM would totally kick Wolverine’s ass.

6 quick questions you genitally enhanced monster! Answers are to be given with a maximum of 6 words….and GO!

1.  What ape are you most likely to seduce?

SB: Curious George, he’s up for anything.

2.   Sexiest Care Bear?

SB: Messy Bear.

3.    Which is more disgusting Bestiality or Care Bear fan fic?

SB: Is there a difference?

4.    How would you kill Mario once and for all if you were King Koopa?

SB: Force him to watch Care Bear Bestiality.

5.    Are you experienced?

SB: More than most.

6.    Herpes or diabetes; which do you look for in a woman?

SB: I like to Diversify.