Before you is an interview with two men who delight me on a weekly basis in every sexual way possible or these two men create Inconsistent Comics, one of the funniest web comics out there. Glenn and Eric deliver humorous comics that don’t hold back in any way but carefully execute set up and punch lines flawlessly. If they think it’s funny they will create it, which always ends up with me laughing. While their name is Inconsistent Comics they are anything but. Every installment from beginning to end is consistent with greatness and jokes about tumors that I hope continue on for a very long time. While I only found this comic a few months ago it became an instant favorite of mine and I made love to their archives in no time. Never has a comic made it OK to bash baby seals as Inconstant Comics has. Find out what I mean by looking at their archives after you read this!

The OG: Give me your origin story and give it to me now!

Glenn: It all started with 12 acid hits and a bad burrito.

Eric: Of course there was the acid and burritos but I’ll honour you with the specifics. Glenn and I met in grade 3 in Ottawa and have hated each other since. While in University we had an idea, drew it up and sent it to the engineering paper (they usually beg for submissions). They printed it, we rejoiced. THEN we made another the following month (The Seal Club) and it got REJECTED. I was furious and vowed never to submit anything ever again, then we thought: “If only there was a place where we could post whatever we wanted… like ANYTHING…without getting rejected…” and that’s why we invented the internet.

The OG: I love that your comic is vulgar but not cheaply vulgar. What do you say to people who get grossed out or bothered by your subject matter?

Glenn: Would you rather we be cheaply vulgar?

Eric: We’ve designed our ads (“Old Rich Guy Shooting Panda” and “Better Than Your Average Tentacle Porn”) to pretty much filter out any decent human beings from seeing our comics but, alas, the system does fail on occasion. Every other week my mom calls me up and says something like “They’re going to shut you down!”, “They’re going to sue you!” or “The women’s right groups are going to boycott you”… Yea, so basically people that don’t get our comics or don’t appreciate our delivery of jokes should go back to watching Matlock reruns


The OG: When you guys come up with the writing and art for each comic what actually inspires you to do what you do?

 Glenn: Watching Montel Williams and Sylvia Brown.

Eric: I’ve always believed that the average person lives at least one publishably funny moment per day. That being said it’s gotten to be a huge hassle following these people around so we started to come up with our own jokes. We’ve sat down on a patio for a couple afternoons and ordered pitchers until we’d gotten a dozen solid comic ideas down. It takes a while but it’s a ton of fun to pretend you’re having a legitimate business meeting in a pub.


The OG: This web comic community would call you a gag a day. Would you ever consider going to a story arch format or much like Rorschach’s beans are you “fine like this”?

Glenn: Sounds too consistent…

Eric: Sure, how about we do that once I get over my fear of commitment. But seriously, people call us that? #FinallyACompliment


The OG: Is this something you want to continue on forever or do you see it coming to an end where everyone dies in a blood orgy?

 Glenn: I’m selling my part when we reach a net worth of 30¥.

Eric: All the best things end in bloody orgies. But really we’ll stop when it’s no longer a fun hobby (or when you tell use to stop, Sir Gents)


The OG: Who would win in a fight Wolverine or the Adorability Fairy?

 Glenn: Adorability Fairy fo sheez.

Eric: Wolverine, she’s waay too trusting.



6 quick questions you cock teases! Answers are to be given with a maximum of 6 words….and GO!


1.  Van Damme or Stallone who would you rather Greek wrestle with?

Glenn: Rocky or Colonel Guile? Shit son…

Eric: I heard Rocky does ass play.


2.   Would you rather be looked at as rapey or molesty?

 Glenn: Both are fine. I love the rush.

Eric: Some chicks dig molesty. Like altar boys.


3.    Top two favorite forms of hentai?

 Glenn: Blue and purple tentacle dicks

Eric: Aqua and Teal tentacle dicks.


4.    Have you ever done fan fic and what would the topic be about?

 Glenn: Blue and purple tentacle dicks

Eric: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Golden Years


5.    What is it a sign of when dogs and cats are living together?

 Glenn: You probably have a terminal illness

Eric: You’ve passed and they’re feasting on your carcass.


6.     What does the word tentacle make you think of?

 Glenn: Enormous blue and purple dongs.

Eric: Testicle.