I was first introduced to Hatefarm when I was looking through some of the I Am Arg archives awhile back. They did a pretty well known comic where Arg walks in on his girlfriend and the character from Skyrim going at it. I was instantly hooked and thought, what else could these deranged fuckers come up with? I ate through their archives to find that Hatefarm is a brilliantly thought out comic that is drawn beautifully . Every week I wait to see a new comic from Eric and Rob Hatefarm, but sometimes have to wait longer since they post every other week or whenever the hell they want. If this was any other comic I would probably have lost interest but Hatefarm is different. If they posted monthly I would wait around to see what else they produce. It’s worth the wait to see well crafted jokes and art that are missing from most comics today. Hatefarm is one of my top five favorite comics and I have no doubt after you read this interview and go to their site it will be one of yours too.


The OG: You’re both men of varied sexual presence. What brought you two to meet and create this farm of hate?


Rob: We met like… literally twenty years ago in kindergarten. I don’t think either of us had sexual presence then, but Eric was always a little advanced for his age so I guess it’s possible. I think this is on our bio page but it’s a true story that I love telling that our friendship formed over dancing shamelessly to the “Ninja Rap” at the end of Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.


Eric: Rob and I had joined forces to make webcomics in high school (Mall Monkeys), but then I went off to college and got engaged and did all sorts of stupid shit. Somewhere in the drunken haze of my engaged years Rob mentioned that it would be cool if we got to work on something together again. I thought that was a nifty idea, but I was too busy making terrible life decisions with my now ex fiancé. When we broke up, I rediscovered my love for art and my love for drawing penises. Rob always had better, more coherent ideas than I did so I begged for his assistance. At the time for me, Hatefarm was a great vehicle to distract me from a bunch of anger and depression. Nowadays I’m pretty happy about life with a much more supportive girlfriend and so I mostly do comics to try to gross her out. (It never works though, she’s a tough one)



The OG: Which one of you is the alpha male in this creative relationship and whose idea was it to create Hatefarm?


Rob:  Eric came to me about wanting to do another comic because we were both at a time of great frustration in our personal lives and needed some sort of outlet. I don’t think it’s fair for either of us to be considered alpha in the creative sense, but Eric definitely does a lot more work than I do. There is a balance between our minds that I don’t think could easily be found with another creative partner, but I am more of an “idea man” often times. It’s like, he’s Matt Damon and I’m Ben Affleck. Some (read: one person) have compared us to Sonny and Cher, and it will forever haunt me. Maybe we’re more like Walter and Perry from Home Movies, except we totally bang chicks. Yeah, that works!


Eric: Rob is most certainly the alpha male and if I say anything else about this question he’ll beat me with his “grumpy tickler”. 🙁 🙁 🙁

The OG: What kind of comics are your favorites to write? Would you rather stick to a certain topic more than another?


Rob: I must have secret children somewhere because I have total “dad humor.” When I actively think of a comic idea, I come up with really too precise scenarios or interpretations of things that are more developed than they are clever. Yet again, there are ones like the “Holla Dolla Bill Y’all” comic, which I wrote while on morphine in the hospital. Either way, unless I envision it at the time, I don’t like the idea of doing the same topic more than once ever. Fans have asked for some characters of my creation to return and so far we’ve obliged, but I usually feel stupid for everything I write shortly after and want to move onto something new.


Eric: I love drawing weird, fucked up or sexy things. And so that’s what I’ll do — I’ll write a lot of comics with dead people and nasty geriatric sex bonanzas and donkey punching ninja velociraptors but at the end of the day these comics don’t ever make any sense. I think these days I am asking myself what makes a funny, fresh idea rather than just draw whatever my impulses want me to. Which is good. But still, if it totally bores me visually, I can’t do it, because I spend so much time drawing these things. That’s why Mistress Missy exists. She’s hot and fun to draw.


The OG: What are you looking to accomplish with Hatefarm?  


Rob: I think we’re already doing it, somewhat, but for me it’s very much just trying to entertain ourselves and hope that it delights others. Also, money would be nice. Give us some money.


Eric: As Rob said, I think the original goal was to entertain ourselves. Now though, it is pretty clear that I am using Hatefarm to further my drawing and painting techniques, explore different visual and storytelling styles, and just generally prep myself for working on something larger in scope. Like he said we both have bigger projects on the horizon, but we want to be seasoned pros before we jump into them.


The OG: Will Hatefarm always exist or will it eventually die and turn into something else? A two man play perhaps?


Rob: I don’t know that there would ever be a need for it to end but I suppose it’s possible. I’ve got a slightly more serious, serial comic in the works with Eric and he has other creative projects of his own. However, I’d like to think we could always have these lush fields for us to dump our worst jokes into and watch them grow into four or five likes on Facebook forever.


Eric: Yeah, what Rob said. I think Hatefarm needs to be a reliable source of depravity on the internet forever. As far as updates, they may grow weaker as we move onto other projects…maybe not.  If Rob and I ever got super sick of it, I could see passing the torch to another artist who can carry out and expand upon our twisted vision. Who knows!? The future is wacky! But one thing is for sure, I’ve made comics a major part of my life from here till the end.


The OG: Who would win in a fight Wolverine or Birthday Bear?


Rob: Well, Logan is the best at what he does. He has also survived an awful lot of birthdays. I don’t know, necessarily, that Birthday Bear could even be defeated. It’s easier for me to just assume the two have a mutual respect for their own individual fortitude. Claw-on-claw violence has no winners.


Eric: It depends on what day of the year it is. If it’s Wolverines birthday, he’ll never stand a chance.


6 quick questions you fucking sexy beasts! Answers are to be given with a maximum of 6 words….and GO!


1.   Top 3 cartoon characters you would allow to slip you a roofy?


Rob:  Jessica Rabbit, Jean Grey, Zapp Brannigan

Eric: Rapunzel (Tangled), Princess Sally, Mistress Missy


2.   What’s the best way to hide a dead body?


Rob: Bury it under a grave site.

Eric: Duct tape it to the ceiling. 


3.     How real do you keep it?


Rob: More real than you can handle.

Eric: 27 different flavors of real. 


4.    What internet meme would you take a dump on?


Rob: Chuck Norris jokes. Fuck those things.

Eric: Bed intruder (hide Yo wife) 


5.    Are you frightened?


Rob: All the damn time.

Eric: It permeates everything I do. 


6.     If you were a furry who would you be?


Rob: Snap Tabernacle, the frisky turtle.

Eric: …….Princess Sally