Let me start by saying that Saeed Faridzadeh the creator of the Frumps is a great fucking web comicer to know. Like a lot of my current web comic finds I heard of the Frumps on the Twxxd podcast. Saeed captivated me with tales of large British people mating through the thin walls of his apartment. While his stories were great on the podcast his comic was even better. Simple comics done with two blob like characters that are crass yet endearing. I urge you all to do yourself a favor and read through the archives as I have a few times over. I see big things for the Frumps in the future and will continue to follow this comic as I already do each and every week. 

The OG: I am well aware that you say “fuck if I know?” as to what a Frump is. Now answer the damn question what the hell is a Frump!?

Saeed: A Frump is an adorable, foul mouthed, creature.

The OG: Your comics are filled with pop culture references. What inspires you the most to create your comics video games, Comics, movies, extreme hentai?

Saeed: Those who know me well enough know my brains are a collection of
tangent thoughts and butterfly effects. So it’s not uncommon to have a
conversation (either with myself or with a friend) and have it take a
whole different direction in my head. As soon as I come up with
something that makes me laugh I jot the idea down in Simple Notes on
my iPhone, which carries it through the cloud, and onto my desktop.

For example, the cat in the tree strip shows Virgil coming up with a
scheme to impress a girl by rescuing a cat from a burning tree on her
jogging trail. She arrives a little early we find out he intends to
burn the tree on purpose, while the cat is still in it. That came
about while I was walking in Los Angeles and saw a girl jogging down
the street. My mind went something like this “nice day – wow, cute
girl – she probably will just keep on jogging past me – yup – there
she goes – maybe if there was a kitten in a tree right now I could
rescue it and she would stop and go awww – but where’s the danger in
that? – Maybe if the tree was on fire – where can I get fire? –
kittens are cheap, right?” That’s how a lot of the Frump strips come
about. From not being afraid to let my mind wander into the absurd

The OG: What was it about the medium of web comics that got you involved? The fame? The fortune?

Saeed: I was going through a real hard time in my life last summer. I was not
only between freelance Visual Effects gigs, but in between countries.
I just came back from a job in Canada, and the opportunity to work in
London was likely, but not set in stone. So I was living at home with
my parents, because I refused to sign a lease in Los Angeles until I
was absolutely sure I wasn’t leaving the country; and unfortunately I
wouldn’t know for about 3 months. Top it off with coming off a failed
relationship, and you had the perfect trifecta of shit. No home, no
job, and no girl. I needed an escape. The Frumps were the only source
of fun in my life during that time. Those little foul mouthed bastards
kept me going 🙂

The OG: You aren’t afraid to be crass. Is there a subject you try to stay away from or is it just anything goes to you?

Saeed: As far as subjects I’ll probably never go anywhere near Politics or
Religion. It’s not that I don’t find them interesting; it’s just that
I don’t want to use the Frumps as a soap box in that manner. There are
also tons of other comics out there that would do a better job at it
than me, so I won’t really go down that route. I’ll stick to what I’m
passionate about.

As far as people, I will never, EVER, cross the line with mentally or
physically handicapped children. I always cringe when I see someone
making fun of them or using them in poor taste, and vow to never use
them in a disparaging manner. I feel South Park actually found a good
balance with Timmy and Jimmy. At first I hated them, but then saw that
they were normal kids whose distinguishing characteristic was a
physical/mental handicap, like Cartman being fat and dumb.

The OG: You obviously have a passion for doing webcomics. Do you ever see an end to this passion or could it evolve into something else for you eventually?

Saeed: In all honesty I would love to make the Frumps a full time thing.
First thing I need to do is release it more than once a week. I’m
developing a habit to produce two a week. I even have a healthy buffer
that will take me until May. Once I get 15 in the buffer, and am
comfortable with creating two strips a week, I’ll release the Frumps
on Monday and possibly Friday. But that won’t happen until May or

Oh, and I need to learn how to draw people better. I’m working on that too.

The OG: Who would win in a fight Wolverine or the British Empire?

Saeed: Wolverine would destroy the British Empire before they can even pour
the milk into their tea.


The Frumps Official Website