A few weeks ago Brandon (not his evil twin Brian) of Twxxd fame mentioned us doing his podcast. I had been reading their comics and had just listened to their most recent 10 podcasts so this request was met with great delight. Since they had typically done their previous guest podcasts with 2 people at the most they chose me and Aaron to start from team Gentlemen. I would like to say that it was a great experience to bullshit around with 2 other brothers with similar tastes. These guys were professionals from beginning to end and made the time go by pretty quickly. Instead of an uncomfortable interview it was more like just hanging out with friends. That being said after listening I felt bad for Aaron since I boxed him out of the conversation and yelled cock and vagina over and over again. Now click on the links below and listen to us talk about how we chose our name, Batman rape, and why Aaron doesn’t play video games. Or if you use itunes subscribe to these brilliant brothers and listen to them on a regular basis.

Twxxd Episode 53: The Obscure Gentlemen

James “Mark Stokes knows what he did” Alvarez