CHRONICLE movie trailer and poster image

Three boys found something under the earth that gave them special telekinetic abilities. Luckily for us, one of them chose to Chronicle everything about this incident.

So you may or may not have heard about the events that occurred recently in Seattle involving what many believed to be people flying around causing a ton of property damage. But with the footage that was recently found from multiple different cameras and video devices, the events could be edited together to be viewed and analyzed. From what’s been found, it looks like what happened involved three high school students finding a mysterious object in an underground cavern. Shortly after finding this object, they found that they were developing telekinetic abilities. Two of these boys were more popular, while the third was more of an outsider with a tragic family life.

The events shown in the footage is quite remarkable. Not only are we able to see the development of amazing powers amongst normal people, but we also get a great sense of a budding friendship between three very different boys. We also get a sense of how these powers effect each of them in different ways. And finally, we see how a tragic event puts a wedge between them as they try to understand the best use of the abilities that they have been granted. Visually, what you will see in this footage is quite spectacular. If you get a chance to view the Chronicle of what happened, I would highly recommend it.

Final Grade: A

Travis “I know it wasn’t real” Kennedy