What’s worse than getting burned out on doing a web comic? Regretting immediately once a week has passed knowing you no longer have a comic. So we’re back and we may do more and we may not do any at all for a month. This schedule is just to keep it fun for everyone involved. With this we wont ever “retire” or “quit” we’ll just take breaks. I love doing this comic more than almost anything and I thank people like Saeed from the Frumps, Justin from Jbabb, Javis from Legacy Control as well as others that inspired me to want to not quit again. If this is your first Gentlemen comic you’re reading I thank you.

Also note that I should be at Comic Con with Travis and Saeed from the Frumps. Instead I’m training at my new job which trumps any shenanigans of dressing up like She-Ra or Colonel Mustard for me. So if you read this and find Travis you may win some free stuff.

Gentleman James

And now a word from the artist!

Would you look at that, we’ve come back and done resurrected ourselves. So what’s different exactly and what can you come to expect from the bold new era of digital periodicals? Well friends, lemme tell you! First off, forget about the old numbering system, that’s boring stale and outdated. Here on out, it’s all titles all the time. What about our use of panels? That will change as well, who says you always have to stick in the three to nine zone, it’s time to expand and panel like this is one of them gosh darn comic books! Most importantly will be the art, save for THIS comic which was done on the fly and by the seat of our pants – hey what resurrections are clean? The art will be leaps and bounds ahead of what we’ve done before and you’ll notice. One day you’ll see something highly rendered and the next you’ll gaze at something very cartoony. So it’s time to play fast and loose with this, but also take the time to craft the best comics possible.

Also, thanks for your continued support and be on the lookout for a few new announcements and cool goodies in the coming month. Who knows what’ll happen next!