Recently Aaron and I had the privilege of being on the Twwxd podcast. The comic is based on the discussion we had with Brandon and Colin of the Twxxd Webcomic/Podcast dynasty. I stammered through cursing every other minute and Aaron just stared at me while I rambled on. Regardless of our appearance I recommend you download all of their podcasts and listen like I do now religiously. I’ll have an extended write up on the experience in blog form later in the week.

During the podcast I mentioned the odd fan film the Death of Batman. Do yourself a favor and click on the hyper link and watch Batman’s face as he is raped by a thug he accidentally incarcerated. Also to be clear the Pope is a very sexy person and if he doesn’t inspire floppy dildo play then I don’t know what will.

Download the Twxxd podcast that we appeared on through iTunes or follow the link below.

Twxxd Episode 53: The Obscure Gentlemen

James “Batman should never be raped” Alvarez