While doing this Web comic, I have come across many different forms of social media. Tumblr is one of them. The basis of this site is that you follow certain people and see various blogs and images that they post. It’s like every other social media site but with more teen angst. The oddest things that I’ve come across are images of characters being extra loving to their very young sidekicks. Art of Batman embracing Robin while kissing him on the forehead runs rampant through the blogs on the site. Let’s also not forget images of Captain America with Bucky on his shoulders blushing as if something unsavory is about to happen. So if you’re looking to feel creepy and dirty while looking at characters you love doing things to each other out of character, stop by Tumblr. You can thank me later.

James “Erotic Nightwing is the best Nightwing” Alvarez