The idea for this comic came about when I was listening to an episode of the podcast called Walking the Room. They mentioned how it’s bullshit when people say it’s good luck when a bird shits on you. I then thought back to my friend Liberty getting shit on and people did indeed tell him it was good luck, which I thought was ridiculous. Now you may ask what the fuck is up with the Hobotang. Well, I thought it would be a great sight gag using an additional reference to said podcast of the ominous Hobotang. So all-in-all, this comic is an homage to the great people of Walking the Room, which makes my commute to work enjoyable. If you need more information on what a Hobo Tang is, go over to the Walking the Room web site and start downloading and listening to the podcast now. If there was a Mount Rushmore of pod casts, they would be up there with Never Not Funny and WTF.


James “All your Tim Tams belong to us” Alvarez