This is the first of 5 guest strips we have lined up for you while we remake the website in our own image. The Underfold is one of my favorite Web comics today, so go take a look at their other comics, Facebook and Twitter through the links below.

James “metal thrashing mad” Alvarez

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After the Star Wars prequels, the remakes of the originals, the rumors of further remakes to the franchise in 3D, it stands to reason that George Lucas is purposefully trying to ruin every memory that we’ve ever associated with happiness and Star Wars. And, in his mind, he’s thinking, “Why wouldn’t people want to see the world’s two most popular bounty hunters together at last?”

On another note, TLC is a horrible channel filled to the brim of other people’s insatiable addictions and grotesque habits. What is wrong with people?

Futhermore, I would probably watch this show.

Brian Russell