First off, thanks to the Obscure Gentlemen for letting me play in their sandbox.  Second, I have to write a blog post? That is too much like home work. I love comics. In the past year, I have come to LOVE webcomics. After a 20 year hiatus from comic making, reading and drawing in general, I decided (with some pushing from my wife) to do what I was passion about. I started picking up print comics again and I want not pleasantly surprised. I started reading webcomics and, WOW, they really spoke to me.  I decided to draw things that would entertain me, on my iPad, and that is when I brought my old characters back to life.

LifeAd started about my frustrations with unemployment but I think it has become more honest than that. Roger is my outlet to tell stories I want to read and hopefully everyone else would enjoy reading. I would like to thank James for this opportunity and to be a little more loose with the language here than in my stories.

I love the webcomic community.  Everyone is supportive and offers constructive/critical advice. If this were my avenue to thank everyone, I would list you all but I don’t think I have enough space. I am still learning and evolving and I hope you give me a look and share the experience with me.

Thank you,