Much like I am Arg! I came upon Legacy Control about 4 months ago. Its humor and art style was everything that I love about the web comic strip medium. After reading every new comic from the writer/artist Javis Ray I think “Shit that was brilliant, why couldn’t I think of that?”  I’ll also allow his answer for the final question since nobody can beat a Super Saiyan.

The OG: When and why did you decide to enter the crowded realm of web comics?

LC: I had wanted to do traditional comics since I could hold a pencil, which happened to coincide with when scantily clad comic heroines started to make my wee wee tingle. I grew up, went to art school, and realized I didn’t have the attention span to do long form stuff, or for the meticulous detail traditional comics oft have. I naturally migrated towards cartooning, and traditional syndicated strips. Once I learned how few strips actually become syndicated, I pretty much gave in to the fact that I was going to be a graphic designer. I am embarrassed to say, I only found Penny Arcade 5 years ago, and didn’t even realized that  webcomics was an option. So about 2 years ago (a little more) I started working on getting Legacy Control crackin’. I finished 40 strips before I launched, and they all hit the web at once on April 25th 2010.

The OG: Who inspires you to draw your comics and include Princess Peach in bondage attire?

LC: I am and always have been very inspired by Bill Watterson. If all comics were set against one another on the field of battle, at the end, Calvin and Hobbes would be standing there with a spinal column, while “FLAWLESS VICTORY” echoed off the colosseum walls. Artistically, I am inspired by Bill Watterson (of course), Mike Krahulik (penny Arcade, heard of it?),  John KricFalusi (Ren & Stimpy), Jim Borgman (zits), Skottie Young (Wizard of Oz), Scott Kurtz (PvP, its new, you may not have heard of it yet). All those guys are just some of my hallowed influences, but daily I am inspired by all the amazing webcomics out there. So many unique voices and styles. I could spend a whole day every week just reading through comics I love. Also sexy video game sprites inspire from time to time.

The OG: What’s your favorite kind of comic to write about? Video games, life, movies…etc.

LC: My favorite kinds of strips are the ones that I can infer a back story with out having to go into a lot of explanation. Like the placement of a key item in the background, or a look from one of my characters. When those subtle things come together to convey unspoken information in a strip, that engender an emotion, that is when I feel really good about the comic. Its very hard for me to do, but I believe I have accomplished it once or twice. As far as subject matter, I like doing the journal style comics. They feel the most natural to me, and I don’t feel any kind of pressure, like spelling a game developer’s name right, making sure my facts are correct (often they are not) or worrying that  I am going to offend someone.
The OG: I have a gun to your temple. Are you more passionate about your artwork or your writing?

LC: Immediately after I finish soiling myself and shamelessly begging for my life in exchange for fellatio, I would say, art. Though, I am really starting to sense a shift to writing as of late (in that I want to get batter at it). It really depends on the day.

The OG: How long do you think you’ll be doing Legacy Control for and what are your final plans for it?

LC: Legacy Control…is like one of my kids. I love it dearly. I don’t think there will ever be a time that I wont be doing Legacy Control in some form. My THE goal. I want to draw Legacy Control for my job. All day, everyday…create Legacy Control. Thats not too much to ask is it? I really do think there is more than enough room in the webcomic world for everyone. The internet is such a big place, its just a matter of finding your audience.


The OG: Who wins in a battle to the death?  Wolverine or your character in Skyrim?

LC: As a parent of two ferocious killing machines (children)…my gaming core has softened substantially, so my character in Skyrim isn’t too tough. I am only like a level 25. So Wolverine…but if there were a third option, I would pick Goku.